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Are new countertops right for you?

Countertop options are abundant in today’s market, so how can you be sure you’re getting the right materials and services for your own needs? The answer is traveling to a great countertop retailer to get personalized service that caters to your particular needs.

When you look for yourself at the array of materials and find out which services are available, you’re better able to make an educated decision. Choose from products and services that will deliver only precisely what you need. That’s what makes a truly exceptional experience in both shopping and success.

A new countertop can change things

Replacing your current countertop could be the result of wear, age, damage, or just a desire to create a brand-new look to stay current. Whatever you're passion, you can easily incorporate it with just a bit of research and consultation. Find out about our variety of materials, the characteristics they hold, and how they’ll work with your current décor.

You might even be upgrading due to changes in the structure of your home. For instance, if you’re staying home more often, you’re likely to be cooking more often. This will require a countertop space that delivers everything necessary.
Modern laminate flooring in North Miami Beach, FL from Extreme Surfaces Design Center
Be sure to consider your needs specifically. Heat resistance is essential to some, for a serving space, while scratch resistance can also be significant when you use this area as a cutting board. Some materials are better than others for specific uses, so don’t be shy about letting us know exactly what you want and need.

We’ll discuss all of the countertop materials that are best for your situation. We’ll also let you know how specific products have longer lifespans and add considerable value to your home. If you have a need, we can surely help you meet that.

A great countertop retailer makes a difference

When you visit Extreme Surfaces Design Center in Aventura, FL, you’ll find a countertop installation service to be part of the excellent services we include for you. Since we strive for complete customer satisfaction, we want to be able to offer everything you need for a complete experience you’ll love.

We are proud to serve residents from Aventura, Hollandale, North Miami Beach, North Miami, and Hollywood, FL. When you’re ready to get your project underway, we look forward to serving you as well. Stop by at your convenience to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.